Plenary Sessions

Please find below video recordings of the plenary sessions held at Pembroke College for the 11th Annual EPIP Conference


opening plenary

Opening keynote presentation for EPIP 2016 on "IP and Science" by Professor Rochelle Dreyfus & Professor Ben Jones - chaired by Gaétan de Rassenfosse & Alan C Marco.


Copyright plenary

Maria Martin-Prat, Associate Professor Kimberlee Weatherall and Shira Perlmutter present a keynote presentation on "Copyright policies: The perspective from Europe, the US and the West Pacific" chaired by Professor Beth Webster.


IP for R&D strategyplenary

Marshall Phelps and Professor Thomas Åstebro present on using IP for R&D Strategy, the session was chaired by UKIPO's Pippa Hall


international ip agreements plenary

Wolf Meier-Ewert from the World Trade Organisation presents on the "Current Major Challenges in Concluding International IP Agreements". The session was chaired by Professor Graeme Dinwoodie.


innovation policy PLENARY

Professor Dietmar Harhoff, Professor Adam jaffe and Professor Manual Trajtenberg present on "Innovation Policy: Theory vs. Practice - the Edge of Europe and the Edge of the World". The plenary was chaired by Professor Paul Jensen